Registration is the first opportunity for your guests to interact with your event. Kinetic Events Staffing has been working extensively in this space for over a decade, coordinating large and small scale programming and events with reliable, friendly registration staff.

You've got a great event coming up and have spent countless hours and resources planning all of the details and logistics so that your guests come away with that positive experience that you have created.  When your guests arrive, you want to be sure that they are greeted with a friendly smile and processed in a timely and efficient manner so they can get in and start learning, networking or celebrating.  Registration and check-in is a critical piece to any event and Kinetic Events is the team you need to make sure it goes smoothly.

1 to 100, we've done it all: Over the last 12 years, Kinetic Events has been a part of just about every type of event you can imagine.  Big or small, happy hour or 5 day program, selling tickets or handing out badges to pre-registered attendees and more.  Every type of event and every setting calls for a slightly different approach.  We've worked on just about every platform and software out there and our management and sales team will work with you to ensure we match the staff to the needs of the program.

Trained teams: Training matters. Our W-2 employees are trained by us. Contractors (how most companies in this industry staff events) are not eligible for training. Often, contractor based event staffing agencies are merely glorified Craigslist, they know very little about their people. When we say ​​​​we send the best trained staff in the industry, we mean it, because we trained them.

In-house services: Whether you need badges printed, gift bags prepped, equipment rented on your behalf or help planning your entry and registration footprint, we are a full service operation that can assist you with every need along the way.

Additional event registration services

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    Badge Printing and Organizing
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    Gift Bag Assembly and Prep
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    ​Room Monitoring
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    Ticket Sales
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    Line management 
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    Equipment rentals

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