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Photo: Kinetic Events Staffing team at Super Bowl week Maxim party

The National Football League descends on Minneapolis in 2018. While the actual Super Bowl will take place at U.S. Bank Stadium, Nicollet Mall will be the location of the Super Bowl City. At Kinetic Events Staffing, we’ve been a part of many Super Bowl programs. Read on to learn about our experience and things pro tips to avoid any planning pitfalls.

Super Bowl City - Hiring Brand Ambassadors

Not to be confused with the NFL Experience, which is an enclosed event space focused on all things NFL, the Super Bowl Village is a multi-block, sponsor heavy area for fans and tourists. There are musical acts, branded experience tents, (everything from Health Care to footwear brands), and food vendors. The area is free and open to the public, but security is tight and in and out traffic is heavily regulated.

Pro tip for those hiring brand ambassadors at Super Bowl LII: The security clearance to have people in the Super Bowl Village is very high. Because of this, the people you register are the people you need to stick with. Over ten, 12 hour days, there may be scheduling conflicts. It’s best to secure more people than you need. If somebody can’t make their shift, you can’t replace them if they haven’t registered in advance

Photo: Kinetic Events Staffing team working for Uber at Super Bowl City, San Francicso

Super Bowl Parties

If you’ve been to a Super Bowl host city, you know that the parties and events happening around town during the week play a huge part in many people’s Super Bowl visiting experience. Some events are mainstay brands onto themselves; the famous Maxim Magazine party, Ditka’s Cigars and Stars, and some are celebrity one-offs or exclusive high-end affairs. Remember, if you’re booking event staff for the Super Bowl, book early! People in any given market are finite. Not only does supply of qualified people lower as the Super Bowl week approaches, rates go sky high. Lock down early and save yourself money and headaches.

Are you looking to hire brand ambassadors or event staff for this years’ Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis? Give Kinetic Events a call at (888)-351-4126 or click Get A Quote for pricing.

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