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When Benefit Cosmetics launched two of their highly anticipated makeup products, they went all out! After taking over the Johnny Rockets on Melrose, they covered it in pink and turned it into a 50's style diner. After that, our client needed a team of promotional models and brand ambassadors with some unique characteristics to run the show. Most importantly, they needed to be makeup artists. Secondly, they needed to be able to roller skate. Lastly, they needed the look and personality to align with the Benefit Cosmetics brand. Featured in Los Angeles news outlets and makeup blogs, it's safe to say the pop up was a huge success!

Benefit Cosmetics Brand Ambassadors
Benefit Cosmetics Brand Ambassadors

Benefit Cosmetics Program Goals

  • Raise awareness and generate hype for Benefit Cosmetics' new Roller Liner and Roller Eye Bright Pencil products
  • Create an environment for influencers and consumers to share their thoughts on the new products
  • Educate consumers on the newest makeup products from the brand


  • 13 day pop up in 2019
  • 8 hours each day

Program Elements

  • Dedicated Project Manager used to hire and train brand ambassadors with specialized skillset (see Parameters)
  • Coordinate the sizing and distribution of costumes
  • Public interactions and photo opportunities
  • Distribute ice cream sandwiches to consumers while on roller skates
  • Distribute makeup samples to influencers and consumers
  • Apply makeup to influencers and consumers at custom "beauty bar"
  • Greeting influencers and media at VIP events


  • 13 day pop up event
  • 4-7 brand ambassadors per day
  • Brand ambassadors are to be skilled in makeup application and/or rollerskating
  • Brand ambassadors are to be animated/outgoing and remain in character (50's diner themed) for the duration of the event

Benefit Cosmetics Program Results

  • Greater market awareness for the newly launched Roller Liner and Roller Eye Bright Pencil products
  • Increased makeup sales for the brand nationwide
  • Featured in video blogs of top makeup influencers (see below) and in Los Angeles news articles

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