Effective Cannabis Marketing Tactics

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Effective Cannabis Marketing Tactics

Building brand awareness of cannabis products can be challenging due to legal restrictions and advertising limitations. Brand ambassadors and specific campaigns can help market these products to consumers in selected situations. Below  are some effective cannabis marketing tactics that companies can use to market their products to consumers.

9 Cannabis Marketing Tactics to Build Brand Awareness

Industry Expos

Hundreds of Cannabis Expos have popped up around the country in the last ten years. Some of the largest ones can be found here, Top Cannabis Expos. These are great opportunities to both learn and promote your brand. These are not typically consumer focused but rather industry related. Depending on where you fit in the cannabis industry, these may be good to attend.

Influencer marketing

Partner with social media influencers or celebrities to promote products and reach a wider audience. This is one of the more popular cannabis marketing tactics, though not every platform allows for this type of content. Companies like Cookies have built a $1 billion dollar empire in the industry, with a heavy emphasis on influencer marketing.

Consumer Events

Consumer events like the Cannabis Cup or music driven events like Rolling Loud are great places to engage with consumers. Increasingly, mainstream music festivals like Outside Lands are beginning to adopt spaces for cannabis consumers, similar to the wine bars we see now.

Dispensary demos & education

Dispensary demos are another one of the more popular consumer marketing tactics. Though these demos can only be used for brand education (no active products allowed), consumers regularly visit their local dispensaries and find value in learning about new products. The world of brands in the cannabis space can be intimidating and new customers appreciate the interaction and learning opportunity.

Directory marketing on websites

There are some major players cannabis directories  like Weedmaps that play a huge role in building brand awareness. This is because many traditional advertising platforms still prohibit cannabis advertising. Getting listed in these directories is one of the more effective cannabis marketing tactics online.

cannabis marketing tactics

Kinetic Events Staff provide customer service and registration staff at Cannabis Expos like CannaCon around the country.

Referral marketing

Encourage existing customers to refer friends and family to the business in exchange for incentives or discounts.

Guerrilla marketing & street teams

Use unconventional marketing methods such as street teams or flash mobs to generate buzz and attract attention. It is important to remember that cannabis marketing tactics cannot target people under the legal age of consumption. These tactics must be monitored to make sure that your product or service is not in violation of your state’s laws.

Community building

Build a community around the brand and create opportunities for customers to connect with each other and with the business.

Cannabis Marketing Tactics, Working With Kinetic Events Staffing

Kinetic Events Staffing has supported a wide variety of cannabis marketing tactics over the years. As a California company, we have been at the forefront of the movement legalizing the sale of cannabis products. We have supported music festivals, dispensary demos, and more. We offer brand ambassadors and event staff that understand the industry and can represent brands as professionals. Learn more about our work in the industry here.

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Working with Kinetic Events is easy. We provide W2 staff in major markets around the US. Whether you are looking for demos in dispensaries, street team marketing, trade show booth support or large-scale event management, we are available to support your efforts. We offer flexible pricing and changes for a few hours of work, or a few months. Contact us to learn more.

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