Alcohol and Beverages

Alcohol And Beverage Industry Staffing

The Kinetic Events team has been providing staffing services the to alcohol and beverages industry since 2006. We represent distributors, major portfolios, as well as boutique start-up brands. Working with consumers, bar owners, and suppliers is an exciting part of our job. Do you have a brand that needs support across major US markets? Talk to us, we can help!

Hire Kinetic Events For Alcohol And Beverage Industry Staffing

  • Multi-market sampling programs. 
  • At bars and music venues, we deliver managed bar nights and sponsored events
  • Festival activations and sponsorship support.
  • Promotional models and brand ambassadors for bartender education.
  • Trade event planning and delivery.
  • Off-premise, we provide sampling, promotions, and education.

Our Work

alcohol and beverages staffing
alcohol and beverages staffing
alcohol and beverages staffing

Over 15 years of experience in the alcohol and beverages industry!

Behind the worlds' largest spirit companies are complex marketing strategies. From our extensive work, Kinetic Events understands these strategies as well as any agency in America. Our work with Young's Market Company and SGWS has enabled us to launch brands in every major spirit category. Additionally, we often work directly with suppliers on both new products and legacy brands. Contact us to learn more or Get A Quote for quick pricing. 

Why Choose Us?

W2 Staffing

As a W2 employer we are able to legally provide training to our staff. As a result, our team can represent a broad range of products.

Contract Flexibility

Events change, now more than ever. Because of this, we offer a 'no fee' changes and a flexible cancellation policy.

Insurance & Safety

We carry full liability insurance on site. When you work with us, you're covered. Additionally, we provide Covid-19 safety protocols at no additional cost.

Tracking Technology

Gated check-in/check-out for staff provides transparency to our clients. Our platform tracks staff to manage their performance. This ensures accurate payments and improves timeliness. 

Onsite Management

Lead managers are scheduled for all large programs. In addition, back-up staff are scheduled at no added cost.

Mobile Reporting

Our field staff can access mobile friendly recaps and report forms on site. As a result, our clients can get program feedback immediately.

Get A Quote

Fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly. We typically answer right away during normal business hours. In a hurry? Give us a call at the office at (888) 351-4126.

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