Cannabis Industry Staffing

Cannabis industry staffing

Kinetic Events is provides quality cannabis industry staffing across a variety of roles. As a California company, our team has been operating in the industry for years. As a result, we've helped launch brands and educate consumers in a number of states. Most importantly, we help deliver a positive return on our clients' marketing investment. 

cannabis industry staffing

Hiring Kinetic Events In The Cannabis Industry

  • Dispensary demos and product sampling. For example, our work with Kiva Confections.
  • Street teams for flyering and distribution. 
  • Festival staffing for non-TCH sampling.  
  • Registration and conference staffing. For example, our work at CannaCon.
  • Building app subscribers through targeted street team promotions (over 21 consumers only).

Cannabis Industry Experience

cannabis industry staffing
cannabis industry staffing

Every Kinetic Events employee representing a cannabis brand completes our online education course.  Specifically, this course covers cultivation, processing, edibles, and medicinal uses. In addition, our training covers buyer segmentation, new products, and industry trends. As a result, we have some of the best trained staff for hire in the country. Most importantly, our field staff are all W2 employees. This means they can be legally trained and insured by us! 

Why Choose Us?

W2 Staffing

As a W2 employer we are able to legally provide training to our staff. As a result, our team can represent a broad range of products.

Contract Flexibility

Events change, now more than ever. Because of this, we offer a 'no fee' changes and a flexible cancellation policy.

Insurance & Safety

We carry full liability insurance on site. When you work with us, you're covered. Additionally, we provide Covid-19 safety protocols at no additional cost.

Tracking Technology

Gated check-in/check-out for staff provides transparency to our clients. Our platform tracks staff to manage their performance. This ensures accurate payments and improves timeliness. 

Onsite Management

Lead managers are scheduled for all large programs. In addition, back-up staff are scheduled at no added cost.

Mobile Reporting

Our field staff can access mobile friendly recaps and report forms on site. As a result, our clients can get program feedback immediately.

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