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Conventions and meetings industry staffing

Many staff in our office got their start in the conventions and meetings industry. In fact, our first clients came from our connections to Meeting Professionals International (MPI). As a result of our experience, the KE staff touch nearly every aspect of the conventions and meetings industry. Our trained teams can handle a variety of roles at events.

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Industry Experience

conventions and meetings
conventions and meetings
conventions and meetings

Are your conventions and meetings staff W2 employees or Independent Contractors?

Now more than ever, W2 employees classification is important. Because of the recent passing of AB5 in California, temporary workers in the event industry must be classified as employees. Misclassifying temporary staff exposes clients and agencies to legal action and huge fines. Fortunately, Kinetic Events employs only W2 staff. In other words, when you work with us, you are protected from worker misclassification. Most importantly, our staff are fully insured and compliant by our company.

Why Choose Us?

W2 Staffing

As a W2 employer we are able to legally provide training to our staff. As a result, our team can represent a broad range of products.

Contract Flexibility

Events change, now more than ever. Because of this, we offer a 'no fee' changes and a flexible cancellation policy.

Insurance & Safety

We carry full liability insurance on site. When you work with us, you're covered. Additionally, we provide Covid-19 safety protocols at no additional cost.

Tracking Technology

Gated check-in/check-out for staff provides transparency to our clients. Our platform tracks staff to manage their performance. This ensures accurate payments and improves timeliness. 

Onsite Management

Lead managers are scheduled for all large programs. In addition, back-up staff are scheduled at no added cost.

Mobile Reporting

Our field staff can access mobile friendly recaps and report forms on site. As a result, our clients can get program feedback immediately.

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