Health and Beauty

Health and beauty industry staffing

The health and beauty industry includes trade shows, street team promotions, retail pop-ups and more. Our Kinetic Events team has a depth of experience working with brands in this category. Our staff love to promote products that help people look and feel their best.

health and beauty staffing Services

  • Trade show booth support at conferences like Beauty Con in Los Angeles, and Expo East in Baltimore.
  • Street teams promotions to build brand awareness. For example, our Frank Body event in NYC.
  • In-store demos at major retailers.
  • Promotional models and spokespeople for beauty brands
  • Pop-up retail promotions.

Industry Experience

health and beauty

Retail pop up shop for Benefit Cosmetics.

health and beauty

Street team promotions for Wild Earth Foods.

health and beauty staffing

 Grocery store sampling for Ripple Foods.

Delivering the right 'look' for beauty and health events is particularly important.  Our Kinetic Events team is diverse, outgoing, and attractive. As a result, we are able deliver quality field staff to your event. In addition to this, we offer pre-event interviews to help select candidates. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Why Choose Us?


Every program includes in office support of a project manager, ensuring smooth planning and set up.


Events change, now more than ever. We offer a flexible change policy and only charge fees when we have to. 

InSURANCE & Safety

W2 trained teams, full liability insurance on site. Covid 19 risk assessment performed for every event.

Onsite Management

Lead managers for larger programs, back up staff scheduled at no added cost.


Gated check-in on site, staff rosters available, custom app based team communications.


Custom on-site forms at no added charge. ROI driven data reporting to improve spends.

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