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Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections is an industry leader in the cannabis edibles space. Their innovative approach to crafting cannabis edibles have made them a pioneer in the industry.  After countless awards, including "Best Edible" and "Best Edible Producer",  the brand enlisted the services of Kinetic Events to assist with a promotional campaign at dispensaries in Northern and Southern California. Since then, we have delivered over two hundred in-store demos and sampled over 150,000 unmedicated products throughout the state. We continue to provide Kiva Confections brand ambassadors for in-store demos, special events, and festivals to this day.

Kiva Confections
Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections Program Goals

  • Raise brand awareness and generate hype for the product.
  • Distribute unmedicated samples of the product to dispensary patrons
  • Educate consumers and budtenders on the brand


  • Ongoing program beginning in 2018

Program Elements

  • Plot activation locations and distribute marketing materials
  • Schedule activations across local zones
  • Facilitate training for staff
  • Manage packaging and shipping of promotional materials to the staff
  • Interact with consumers and sample unmedicated product
  • Deliver recaps and KPIs to brand team


  • 200+ in-store demos and events
  • 1-4 brand ambassadors per event
  • Brand ambassadors complete training course on the brand

Kiva Confections Program Results

  • Greater market awareness for the newly launched Kiva Confections brand
  • Increased sales in Northern and Southern California
  • Increased knowledge of the brand for dispensary staff, leading to increased sales going forward

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