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At Kinetic Events Staffing, we know how much the customer experience matters to our clients. Our Orlando brand ambassadors, event staff, and promotional models are the best people in the business. We deliver every event with professionalism and a great attitude. We break away from other staffing agencies with flexible changes, W2 trained employees and in-office team support. Let's work together on your next event - get a quote below!

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Registration and convention staff services

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Sketchers at Work, Conference

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Home Depot Global Conference

Registration and convention staff services

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Netflix Customer Appreciation

Brand ambassadors, customer experience

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A conference attendees' initial interaction with staff often define their perception of the entire event. Our local conference and trade show staff are customer focused, experienced professionals that will maintain a positive image for your event.

Kinetic Events' brand ambassadors engage with your customer base helping increase your company's brand awareness. We hire only W2 variable hour employees in 16 cities nationwide. The result is a reliable, career oriented workforce that generates results.

Our promotional models are professional, attractive,  and goal driven. We deliver local and multi-market product launches utilizing the latest tracking and reporting software. We are the de facto option for many of the country's top lifestyle brands.

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Orlando brand ambassador & event staffing, keys to success

Kinetic Events has been offering Orlando brand ambassadors, promotional models, and event staff for trade shows, conferences, product launches and more for over a decade. On any given day, thousands of convention & event attendees pack the halls of the Orange County Convention Center, the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, the Caribe Royale, and many other venues around the city. Here are a few tips we've learned over the years to help you create a more successful program when hiring Orlando staff: 

Hiring Orlando brand ambassadors, keys to success

The term "Brand Ambassador" is a pretty broad position, encompassing product launch teams, street teams, experiential marketing specialists, in-store sampling staff, trade show booth workers, user acquisition teams, and many more. Many of our ambassadors specialize in certain roles, and we make sure to bring the right people on for every event. There are many unique considerations for each type of brand ambassador activation.

Street teams and experiential marketing efforts in Orlando need to take special consideration on the time of year. Street teams in the summer months are typically not as successful as in the fall, winter, and spring. Much of this has to do with weather; when it's hot and stormy out, not many consumers want to stop and interact with a street team. However, planning a street team around the more temperate months, especially during family vacation times, yields many more leads. We've found much success in canvassing areas such as Downtown Orlando and College Park. Keep in mind that you must get a permit to flyer in many areas of Orlando! In trade show and convention settings, experiential marketing and street team efforts are much more successful when positioned inside the convention centers themselves or very near attendee concentrations.

Brand ambassadors running product demos or acting as sales associates during a convention or trade show is one of our strengths in the Orlando market. In a given year, we staff over one hundred trade shows, conferences, and convention activations in the Orlando metro. Our key to success is the well trained and seasoned group of BA's on our roster. We offer sales associates, lead generation, product demonstrators, team building leaders, meeting setters, and more. Recent brand ambassador work in Orlando includes programs with RippleMcDonaldsEventbrite, and Bird

Tips for hiring Orlando promotional models

As Orlando's nightlife scene grows larger and larger, the number of brands looking to do spirits samplings has skyrocketed. To compensate, we have a robust team of promo models for any sampling need! However, our promotional models often book out in advance. If you're planning a liquor sampling or private event that requires a host/hostess, we highly recommend you book at least two weeks out. However, we are always happy to help with last minute events, and we will make sure to pair the best promo model or host/hostess to fit your brand and need. Recent promotional model programs in Orlando include work with Don JulioFitbitSambazon, and Altos.

Hire convention staffing in Orlando

In the Orlando market, event staffing often encompasses ticketing, registration, and other conference related roles. These are different than other staffing roles since they primarily deal with the operational aspects of a convention or trade show. Additional roles include room monitors, box office management and way-finders. We are a great choice for this type of work, as we have a depth of understanding of the planning and detailed focus associated with conference, trade show and festival staffing, prior to the event itself. We have a dedicated roster of over 75 event staff, all W2 compliant, in Orlando.

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Kinetic Events is a nationwide family of brand ambassadors and event staff professionals. Our company began in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. Today we have offices around the country with a an experienced nationwide workforce. We tirelessly search for the best people and train them how to be better at their jobs. By using a combination of technology and personal relationships, we match the right people to the right program. To date we have delivered over 6,000 successful programs.

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