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In-office and virtual assistant support for event planners, agencies, and brands of all sizes. Compliant with W2 workforce requirements.

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Kinetic Events Staffing is your new secret weapon for workplace productivity. We utilize our labor force of experienced event professionals in fifteen cities to deliver virtual assistant and in-person office support. Best of all, our staff are designated as W2 employees, making them fully compliant with worker classification laws nationwide. 

What we offer

Knowledgeable team 

Rest assured, all office staff we send your way have industry experience in the field. Whether you are planning a wedding, brand activation, DMC program, or conference, our people have been there, done that. We believe there is a big benefit to context and field experience. Best of all, we're fully insured for work in the field as well, so you can use our staff on site too. 

Flexible contracts

We understand the challenges of agencies and planners with the ebb and flow of large programs. Kinetic Events Staffing is here to help you fill in the work force when you are busy, and to reduce overhead when you are not. We offer flexible commitments, from one day, to one year.  Want to hire one of our team members full-time? We offer very reasonable work-to-hire options as well. 

In-person or virtual support

The most productive event work comes real people working in your office. We cut out the ambiguity and time delays of pure online services.  With Kinetic Events Staffing, you can work side by side with our team members without worrying about W2 compliance. Need work in another market for an upcoming event? No problem! We offer remote workforce solutions as well.

How it works

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Tell us what you need

Start by filling out our Get A Quote form, or give us a call at 888-351-4126 to tell us about your needs. We will reply right away with pricing.

Project managers connect you to our staff

Every program, no matter the size, is managed by one of our project managers. They will find you the perfect team to help with your project.

Productivity software tracks time and job progress

To ensure nothing falls through the cracks, we utilize the latest technology for online tracking, check-in and check-out, billing, and staff ratings.

Easy billing & payment

Kinetic Events Staffing allows for ACH, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, or traditional invoicing. If you're one of the thousands of Kinetic Events Staffing customers, you're already set up in our system!

Get a quote

Fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly. We typically answer immediately during normal business hours. In a hurry? Give us a call at the office at (888) 351-4126.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the minimum and maximum amount of time I can hire someone?

Our work contracts are extremely flexible. We can accommodate any order over eight hours. On the high end, the sky is the limit. We have hundreds of W2 workers available in each market we serve. 

What are the benefits to using an agency to find part time help vs hiring them myself?

There are numerous benefits to using our agency for temporary office support. You don't need to post, interview or train staff. Additionally, you can use qualified staff as much or as little as you need, which helps to keep your contracts operating at a good margin. Most importantly, states like California, Utah, New York and Washington require all staff under employer control to be designated as W2 employees. Kinetic Events Staffing is one of the few event staffing agencies in America with a full W2 work force. In other words, when you work with us, you're covered!

How quickly can you find staff for me?

Advance notice is always good, but we can turn around nearly all requests within 48 hours.

What markets do you serve?

We offer in-person staff in fifteen major markets around the country (see below). Plus, we offer virtual assistant work nationwide. 

Can I hire the person if I like them?

Absolutely. This is a great option if you just want to 'kick the tires' on getting new help. We have a clean and easy contract we offer for work-to-hire contracts. 

I have 1099 help that I currently use, can you hire my staff at W2 employees so I don't have to?

Yes, we can do that. This is actually a question we get asked a lot. In California especially, companies often have event support help that they designate at independent contractors. Recent laws put in place (Assembly Bill 5 in California) have changed requirements on independent contractors. This has put many event agencies in a bind, no longer able to use their go-to staff. Kinetic Events Staffing solves that problem by hiring on your ICs and converting them to W2. Now you are able to use these staff as much or as little as needed while keeping them properly designated as employees with us!

Can I use this person in the field as well as in the office?

Of course! There's not a lot we haven't done. We have local storage units, plan multi-market campaigns, produce branded materials, build pop-up websites, and more. If you have additional needs, just ask!

I have more questions.

No problem, give us a call anytime during normal work hours at (888) 351-4126

About us

Kinetic Events is a nationwide family of event industry professionals. Our company began in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. Today, we have offices around the country with an experienced nationwide workforce. We tirelessly search for the best people and train them in-house. By using a combination of technology and personal relationships, we match the right people to the right program. As a result, we have delivered over 10,000 successful programs to date. We're proud to be one of the country's fastest growing staffing agencies!

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