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Kinetic Events Staffing has provided event staffing & registration for over a decade in nine US markets. This requires both quality staff, while also understanding the needs of each event. Crowd flow, cash reconciliation, ticketing, and other logistical concerns must be addressed in the planning process. Our team has deep experience in the world of corporate events, music festivals, trade shows and conventions. Just about any place large groups of people gather, we've been there to provide event registration & staffing services for our clients. 

What makes us great - working with Kinetic Events

  • Flexibility. When working with large groups of people, small shifts in planning can dramatically effect labor needs.  Kinetic Events Staffing offers changes without fees and understands the dynamic nature of large scale events.

  • Field management. How is your event staff being managed? Large volumes of event registration staff require a management layer. Kinetic Events Staffing has full time team leads in each market. Their job is to act as a liaison between you and our team. Their role is critical, which is why our team leads have worked with us on over 100 events on average. Experience matters.

  • Insurance and worker classification. Don't put yourself or your company at risk, make sure your staffing agency is carrying the appropriate insurance and worker classification. Recent legislation in states like California have designated that any company that uses a segment of their work force as a core element of their business must designate those workers as W2 employees. Kinetic Events Staffing is one of the few agencies in the country focused on W2 employee designation with full nationwide staffing insurance. You can rest easy when hiring event registration services with us!

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    Quality, pricing and matching the right staff to the right event. Event registration is the face of your event, the first impression of attendees. It's up to you to decide how important each role is and what you're willing to spend. VIP Guest Services roles and ticket scanning shouldn't cost the same, they require different skills. Often, these roles are divided into high profile positions and low profile positions. Kinetic Events Staffing primarily hires high profile roles where communication, personality, and customer interaction are important.

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About Us

Kinetic Events is a nationwide family of brand ambassadors and event staff professionals. Our company began in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. Today we have offices around the country with a an experienced nationwide workforce. We tirelessly search for the best people and train them how to be better at their jobs. By using a combination of technology and personal relationships, we match the right people to the right program. To date we have delivered over 6,000 successful programs.

Event Staff at Maxim event for Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco

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