​​​​Submit A Video

Hello! This is our video submission page. We use this format for applications to make it easy for your schedule and to save you time. Please fill out the short form, turn on your phone or computer camera, and tell us a bit about yourself. Videos should be between 1 and 2 minutes long. Please note: If you are uploading a video from your phone, you should be connected to a WiFi network so you don't eat up your data plan.

To help you put your best foot forward, we have a few handy tips below as well as some FAQ's, read below to get advice on the best structure for a successful video. Questions? contact us at staffing@kineticevents.com and we'll get right back to you. Thanks!

Structure for submitting a video application

1. Introduce yourself and tell us what the market where you work events/programs. For example  - Hi, my name is John, I'm a brand ambassador in the Dallas area.

2. Tell us a little bit about some of the events that you've worked as well as your roles in those events.

3. Tell us what you like about being a brand ambassador/promotional model/event specialist, etc.

4. Tell us about something you did recently that was fun or interesting (doesn't need to be work related).

6. Lastly, let us know when you are typically available for work.

Tips for making a great video submission

Follow the structure laid out or some kind of structure that works for you.

Preview your video after you recorded it. If you don't like it, submit it again.

Make a good impression. Think about how you're dressed, your backdrop, outside noise, etc. It's an informal video, but its still part of an interview so you want to represent your best self.

Frequently asked questions

What happens once I submit my video application? What happens next? You will receive an email confirming your submission was received. Internally, we will review submissions and get back to people we want to on board. From there we will give you a call to walk you through our job portal and to get you set up for automatic payments (we pay people every week via direct deposit). 

When will I hear back? If you are applying for a specific job, we will get back to you within a day or two at the most. If you are applying to be added to a specific market, but not for a specific event, we may not get back to you right away. 

If/when I'm hired, what happens to this video? We will add this video to your profile. This video is also a great way for our internal office team to get to know your experience and personality. Its helpful for getting you placed on upcoming gigs. 

I already work for Kinetic Events, should I make a video? YES, absolutely. More and more of our clients want to see a video or a greeting of the people we are sending their way. Having a video on file with us helps them get to know you before you arrive.