How Experiential Brand Promotions Have Evolved Under COVID-19

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After months of limited social gathering due to the covid-19 pandemic, many of us are trying to regain a sense of community under this "new normal". As well, many brands are looking into creative ways to continue live consumer experiences. In this article, we'll explore some concepts that brand ambassador and experiential marketing agencies are looking at to get brands and the public connected.

Drive-In Experiences

Live Nation made headlines in early May when Rolling Stone announced that they're testing a drive-in concert series. Its success has yet to be determined, but the idea of drive-in events could be huge for experiential marketing campaigns. Brands can create an interactive, inventive space without putting their attendees at risk. And best of all, drive-ins come with an inherent distance. Therefore, brand ambassadors can safely keep a brand's image fresh in consumers' minds. 

Virtual Integrations

Video by Hire Space

As Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX Group, mentions in Hire Space's video above, one of the responses to enhance safety at large conferences and events will likely be experimenting with technology to limit some socializing. This could include pre-recording keynote speeches, virtual trade show demos, and virtual conferences. This may sound bleak to brand ambassadors and event staff out of work. However, these integrations open up a wide array of new work opportunities.

A Shift To Local

Local Experiential Marketing Campaign
Local Experiential Marketing Campaign

When globalization was strong and travel was easy, large, international conferences and trade shows saw heavy growth. Nowadays, according to Event MB, these companies need to shift focus to local markets to keep capacity limits. This means hiring local brand ambassadors, planning multi-markets programs, and partnering with local businesses to implement experiential marketing campaigns. 

Less Swag, More Rewards

One of the challenges moving forward for brands will be how to keep consumers engaged after a trade show. Before the pandemic, physical giveaways brought people to booths and kept them interested long after the show was over. However, it is hard to keep touching to a minimum with brand ambassador swag giveaways. Department Zero thought of a clever solution to this experiential marketing conundrum: move from swag, and move to digital rewards.

To conclude, the experiential marketing and brand ambassador industry is rapidly changing to fit health and safety needs during covid-19. Pop-ups and events are changing forms, from low capacity in-person events to digital events. As well, brands are thinking of creative ways to connect while staying safe. Kinetic Events is navigating brands through the "new normal" of the industry, ensuring consumer connection during this trying time.

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Written by Brian Lillquist

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