Nationwide event staff, promotional models, & brand ambassadors hired here.

Exceptional talent for trade shows, conferences, product launches, street teams, event staff and promotions. 

Or call us at (888)-351-4126​​​​

Nationwide event staff, promotional models, & brand ambassadors hired here.

Or call us at (888)-351-4126​​​​

Trusted by more than 1,000 companies nationwide since 2006

We specialize in

A conference attendees' initial interaction with staff often define their perception of the entire event. Our local conference and trade show staff are customer focused, experienced professionals that will maintain a positive image for your event.

Kinetic Events' brand ambassadors engage with your customer base helping increase your company's brand awareness. It's taken us ten years to build the best BA roster in the business! The result is a reliable, career oriented workforce, equipped for a variety of programs.

Our promotional models are professional, attractive,  and goal driven. We deliver local and multi-market product launches utilizing the latest tracking and reporting software. Because of this, we are the de facto option for many of the country's top lifestyle brands.

On location

We delivered over 2500 programs and events around the country last year, here are just a few!
Los Angeles product sampling
Brand Ambassadors, InstoreSampling
Brand Ambassadors, Tradeshow

What makes us great

Our People

It's taken us ten years to build the most experienced nationwide database of talent in the industry. We expect a lot, we pay well, and people compete to get on our roster. Our staff are tech savvy, energetic, personable, and hard working. 

Client flexibility

At Kinetic Events, we make securing great people simple with up front pricing, lightning fast job fulfillment, and flexible changes. This allows your event to change as needed without incurring administrative costs. 

W2 Hiring

Kinetic Events hires and trains people under a W2 employee designation. This model reduces risk for our clients, allows us to train our team, and means we are fully compliant with labor laws nationwide. We are not a booking agency, we employ talent!

Our focus

To build a great team, we focus our efforts on major US markets. We don't boast about the largest database, just the best one. Keeping our work force of a few thousand people busy keeps turn over low and quality work high. 

Recent programs

Over 2000 programs delivered in 2019! 

  • Gaming tournament brand ambassadors at PAX in Seattle 
  • Promotional models at CES in Las Vegas
  • Entry management services, New York Music Festival 
  • Product demonstration and sales for Kodak, Miami 
  • California product launch for Avion Tequila
  • Event staff at L.A. Auto Show, Los Angeles
  • Product launch, iPhone X case street team in Chicago
  • Booth hostesses at SXSW conference in Austin 
  • Managed bar night promotions, Deep Eddy Vodka, Hollywood
  • Coconut Water consumer sampling, Hermosa Beach
  • Brand Ambassadors at Superbowl 52 Live, Minneapolis
  • Guerrilla marketing team, wine retailer in San Diego

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About us

Kinetic Events is a nationwide family of event industry professionals. Our company began in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. Today, we have offices around the country with an experienced nationwide workforce. We tirelessly search for the best people and train them in-house. By using a combination of technology and personal relationships, we match the right people to the right program. As a result, we have delivered over 10,000 successful programs to date. We're proud to be one of the country's fastest growing staffing agencies!

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