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Brand Ambassadors

Looking for a top-notch team to represent your brand or lend a hand with your upcoming event? Look no further! Kinetic Events Staffing offers temporary staffing solutions for venues, conferences, trade shows, brand ambassador programs, and large-scale events. We handle the hiring, management, training, and insurance of talented individuals, freeing our clients from uncertainty, liability, and extra work.

With local rosters of W2 talent in major US markets, we provide flexible services that can cater to your needs, whether it's placing a few individuals at a trade show booth or managing hundreds of staff for a complex, multi-market program.


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“The Kinetic team has been a valuable partner to Eventbrite for over a decade. They provide box office staffing, field operations, management at festivals, & conferences. Their knack for quickly scaling staff is some of the best I've seen from a company of their size. We continue to utilize their team and value their partnership.”

Kevin Hartz, Founder & Chairman 


“Kinetic Events has been a key agency of record for the Pernod Ricard portfolio for years. They have delivered large scale brand awareness programs to over 30 of our key brands. They are flexible when we needed, creative, and have provided top notch staffing to multi-market programming.”

Brian Maquette, Regional Manger

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"Kinetic Events is a pleasure to work with. I've used services for events in Chicago, New York, and Nashville, and from booking to executing, they were nothing short of amazing!"

Melissa M, Sr. Event Coordinator

Always included With Every Program


Every program includes in office support of a project manager, ensuring smooth planning and set up.


Events change, now more than ever. We offer a flexible change policy and only charge fees when we have to. 


W2 trained teams, full liability insurance on site. Covid-19 risk assessment performed for every event.

Onsite Managers

Lead managers for larger programs, back up staff scheduled at no added cost.


Gated check-in on site, staff rosters available, custom app based team communications.


Custom on-site forms at no added charge. ROI driven data reporting to improve spends.

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