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Trade show workers help businesses grow at CannaCon

CannaCon is the nation's leading business-to-business cannabis conference. The conference is held in numerous locations across the country. The leaders in the cannabis growing industry attend the event to talk with like-minded entrepreneurs, farmers, distributors, equipment specialists, and more. CannaCon chose Kinetic Events' trade show workers to provide registration, badge-scanning/checking, door monitors, etc. at the conventions in Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Seattle. CannaCon is dedicated to creating and strengthening lifelong partnerships in the emerging cannabis industry. Kinetic Events' trade show staffing was there to help deliver their mission.  

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Tradeshow staff members
Tradeshow Staff Members

CannaCon program goals

  • Welcome and greet vendors and attendees in an outgoing and personable manner. 
  • Employ a smooth registration process to keep traffic moving effectively
  • Maintain a clear layout of the conference with directional guides placed around the convention center
  • Deliver an efficient scanning process for sessions and keynote presentations
  • Position door monitors thoroughly around the convention center


  • Three events
  • Two to three days per event

Trade show workers, program elements

  • Dedicated Project Manager used to hire and position staff according to their skill sets. 
  • Organize and implement training for staff
  • Facilitate registration for attendees and vendors
  • Arrange and organize door monitors and directional staff to help convention room smoothly
  • Scan badges for attendees entering sessions and keynote presentations
  • Direct lost attendees to sessions, meal areas, restrooms, etc


  • Three Events in the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast
  • Five to ten brand ambassadors per event
  • Event staff to complete training on convention layout and procedures

CannaCon program results

  • Overall successfully operated convention
  • Increased awareness and knowledge on new industry topics and products
  • 100% staff attendance at each convention
  • Accurate and efficient session scanning
  • Quick and effective registration process
  • Smooth flow of traffic between sessions

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