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Frank Body, our promotional talent puts a sweet twist on pop-up activations

Frank Body is a coffee scrub that is changing the game in the skincare industry. Their mission is to make natural skincare fun without toxic ingredients. This recently launched company hired Kinetic Events' promotional talent to promote their brand and products in an exciting and delicious ice cream truck. Our promotional models traveled all around New York City executing multiple pop-up activations for the public, handing out product samples and encouraging people to post on social media bout the brand.

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Brand Ambassador

Frank Body Program Goals

  • Raise brand awareness and educate consumers on the product.
  • Distribute product samples and ice cream.
  • Encourage people to post photos and comments on social media, tagging the brand.
  • Promotional models to be comfortable conversing with the public on all the benefits of Frank Body.


  • Two day pop-up activations in various locations around New York City

Promotional talent, program elements

  • Plot street team locations and distribute marketing materials
  • Schedule pop-up activations efficiently around NYC
  • Facilitate training for staff
  • Manage packaging and shipping of promotional materials to the brand ambassadors
  • Interact with consumers and sample ice cream, encouraging consumers to post on social media
  • Deliver recaps and KPIs to brand team


  • Six to eight hours of activations per day
  • Two promotional models for each pop-up
  • Brand ambassadors complete training course on the brand

Frank Body Program Results

  • Greater market awareness for the newly launched Frank Body brand
  • Increased sales in New York City
  • Increased knowledge of the brand, leading to rising sales going forward

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