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Bird Scooters, street teams scoot past competitors

Electric motorized scooters are a tremendously popular activity that recently took off all over the nation. The trend was lead by Bird Scooters, an industry leader that positions scooters around highly populated cities for people to rent and ride. Street teams provided by Kinetic Events showcased and promoted the brand in Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more The public was able to test out the scooters and learn more about the dockless scooter-share company. Our brand ambassadors successfully demonstrated the affordable, environmentally friendly, and effective transportation option. They created both engaging and fun experience for the public. 

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Brand Ambassador

Bird Scooters program goals

  • Raise brand awareness and generate hype for the product
  • Familiarize consumers with Bird's app: finding a scooter, payment information, and scanning
  • Demonstrate how to physically operate scooters, providing helpful tips
  • Reiterate the company's overall goal: to help cities by reducing traffic and parking problems, decreasing carbon emissions, and promoting local businesses 


  • Program held in multiple cities around the country including Washington DC, Chicago, and LA

Street teams, program elements

  • Plot activation locations and distribute marketing materials
  • Schedule activations across zones
  • Facilitate training handouts for staff
  • Manage packaging and shipping of promotional materials to brand ambassadors
  • Interact with consumers and showcase how the scooter works while echoing Bird's provided talking points
  • Deliver recaps and KPIs to brand team


  • Outdoor demos and activations
  • four to six brand ambassadors per event
  • Eight to ten hours for street teams per event
  • Brand ambassadors complete event training course on the brand

Bird Scooters program results

  • Greater market awareness for the skyrocketing Bird Scooters' brand
  • Increased scooter operation and rental sales in participating cities
  • Increased knowledge of what Bird is doing to help cities around the US

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