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Street Team Promotion Case Study - Wild Earth Foods

As seen on Shark Tank, Wild Earth is a revolutionary company that is changing the way dog food is made. Instead of unhealthy meat made with bad ingredients, Wild Earth created a plant-based recipe that is overall better for dogs, their owners, and the planet. They use high-quality, cruelty-free ingredients that's healthier for your dog. A street team promotion dedicated to dog lovers, Kinetic Events' brand ambassadors were hired by the dog food company to create an ongoing campaign designed to create awareness over the span of 5 months. 

Wild Earth Logo
Austin brand ambassadors

Wild Earth Program Goals

  • Raise brand awareness and educate consumers on the benefits of the product
  • Distribute samples of the product to dog owners outside shops and parks around Los Angeles 
  • Brand ambassadors to engage with consumers and pets in an outgoing and personal manner


  • Program spanning from October 2019 to February 2020

Street team promotion, program elements

  • Plot activation locations and distribute marketing materials
  • Schedule activations across local zones
  • Facilitate training for staff
  • Manage packaging and shipping of promotional materials to the staff
  • Interact with consumers and sample product
  • Deliver recaps and KPIs to brand team


  • Over fifty demos and events
  • two to four brand ambassadors per event
  • Brand ambassadors complete training course on the brand

Wild Earth Program Results

  • Greater market awareness for the newly launched Wild Earth brand
  • Increased sales in Southern California
  • Increased knowledge of the brand for pet store staff, leading to increased sales going forward

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