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Tradeshow booth staffing at PAX Unplugged

Exploding Kittens is a highly strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette. The brand hired Kinetic Events to represent and promote the new game in a fun and engaging way. The game offers multiple versions for all ages, and has seen great success at conventions such as PAX East, WonderCon, GenCon and more. Our event staff put on multiple activations giving attendees an experience unlike no other. A giant interactive vending machine was the exciting concept where attendees could push a button and receive Exploding Kittens' card games, merchandise, and random objects provided by some of our behind the scenes trade show staff.

Exploding Kittens Logo
Tradeshow Staff Members
Tradeshow Staff Members

Exploding Kittens Program Goals

  • Create a welcome environment for vendors and attendees
  • Brand ambassadors to engage with attendees in interactive vending machine for Exploding Kittens' giveaways
  • Maintain a clear layout of the conference with directional guides placed around the convention center
  • Represent vendors at the highest level
  • Position highly knowledgeable info booth personnel throughout the convention center


  • Three events
  • Five days per event

Event staff, program elements

  • Dedicated Project Manager used to hire and position staff according to their strengths
  • Organize and implement training for staff
  • Facilitate registration for attendees and vendors
  • Arrange and organize sessions according to attendance
  • Brand ambassadors positioned behind vending machine
  • Event staff inform and educate attendees of the game
  • Represent vendors at their booths on the trade show floor


  • Three trade shows: PAX Unplugged (Philadelphia), WonderCon (LA), and GenCon (Indianapolis) 
  • Eight to ten brand ambassadors per trade show
  • Two supervisors per conference
  • Brand ambassadors and event staff are to be engaging, outgoing, and tech savvy 

Exploding Kittens Program Results

  • 100% staff attendance at each trade show
  • Attendees more knowledgeable about the brand and game itself 
  • Successful Exploding Kittens representation at each convention

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