Exceptional Conference & Event Staff Are Hired Here

A nationwide event staffing agency, providing services for conferences, promotions, street teams, product demos, festivals, hospitality, and programs of all sizes.

Exceptional Conference & Event Staff Are Hired Here Hired Here

A nationwide event staffing agency, providing services for conferences, promotions, street teams, product demos, festivals, hospitality, and programs of all sizes.

At Kinetic Events, our conference and event staffing teams rely on decades of experience to deliver flawless programs around the country. Our staff are trained W2 employees, costumer focused, experienced, and professional. In our office, we focus on quality delivery and planning for all conference and event staffing programs. Additionally, project managers are included with every program to ensure all logistics and contingencies are considered. As a team, we help implement complex programs with hundreds of staff working together.


Registration & Conference Staffing

Registration staff at conferences and conventions are the first point of contact for your attendees and it is imperative that the experience is pleasant and efficient.  Within your event, smiling, knowledgeable room monitors, way finders and ushers help your attendees enjoy their time while onsite. You need an experienced convention staffing agency with a deep roster of skilled, professional event staff and we’ve got you covered.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Moving masses of attendees from one place to another is about more than moving bodies.  Ensuring all guests are present, going to the right place and feeling like they are in good hands requires transportation staff that have soft skills and a keen eye for detail and troubleshooting.  Our team can assist with airport pickups, bus loading, attendance taking, directional and traffic control positions.

Box Office

Box Office Management

If you are hosting a public facing event with a walk up element, you know that an efficient box office staffing team is key.  With experience at major music festivals, cultural events, sporting events and auto shows, our team of sellers and box office managers can help at your event.  We are bonded and insured, knowledgeable on multiple POS systems and can provide full cash reconciling.

Industry Experience

To date, we have delivered over 6,000 programs around the country for agencies and brands. Our work covers a wide range of industries. To learn more about our industry experience, click here.

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Why Choose Us?

W2 Staffing

As a W2 employer we are able to legally provide training to our staff. As a result, our team can represent a broad range of products.

Contract Flexibility

Events change, now more than ever. Because of this, we offer a 'no fee' changes and a flexible cancellation policy.

Insurance & Safety

We carry full liability insurance on site. When you work with us, you're covered. Additionally, we provide Covid-19 safety protocols at no additional cost.

Tracking Technology

Gated check-in/check-out for staff provides transparency to our clients. Our platform tracks staff to manage their performance. This ensures accurate payments and improves timeliness. 

Onsite Management

Lead managers are scheduled for all large programs. In addition, back-up staff are scheduled at no added cost.

Mobile Reporting

Our field staff can access mobile friendly recaps and report forms on site. As a result, our clients can get program feedback immediately.

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