Delivering A Successful In-Store Demo

Keys to Success

Executing a successful in-store demo can be tricky. There are many factors you as a brand ambassador need to think about: table set-up, product knowledge, and consumer engagement to name a few. Keeping in mind the venue and target demographic is also essential to make the client happy. Take a look below out some of our tips for a great in-store demo.

In-Store Demo for Tito's

Setting Your In-Store Demo Up For Success

Step 1- Make Sure You Know the Product!

Before arriving onsite, make sure you research the product and read through all of the training material. As a brand ambassador, it is imperative that you can answer questions and explain the product during the in-store demo. If you arrive without knowing what you're sampling, you are not going to succeed.

Step 2- Set Up the Table

The first step of a great in-store demo is making the table clean and engaging. A table with product laid out randomly with little branding won't attract customers passing by. However, a well put-together sampling area with easy branding and sleek design is sure to bring passersby. Visit Display2Go's site to see a wide variety of table set-ups.

Step 3- Engaging the Consumer

The table is important, but it is not the only way to attract consumers. Sometimes people passing by are interested in the sampling but are not aware that it is happening. As a brand ambassador, it is important that you know how to attract people to the table and are not afraid to be outgoing. As long as you know the product well, you will be able to easily bring customers over to sample.

In-Store Demo for Aldi

Keep In Mind the Venue and Audience!

Your pitch for an in-store demo is heavily dependent on the venue and audience. Sampling at a local grocery store to an older demographic is very different than sampling at a Whole Foods to younger customers. The training material often tells you the target demographic and the argument the client wants you to make. Be sure to read through the training docs in detail prior to arriving onsite!

In conclusion, many factors are in play to execute a successful sampling or demo. You need to know the ins and outs of the product before the event, and you must entice people to the table with a pretty design and outgoing personality. In-store demos can be hard to grasp, but these tips will ensure a happy client.

Written by Brian Lillquist

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