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On Location

After years of executing successful Brand Ambassador programs in California, Kinetic Events wanted to expand. With an already booming network of New York Brand Ambassadors, New York was a logical choice. As a result, many of our best clients (including Maker Faire) were quick to utilize our expanded New York Brand Ambassadors roster. A few favorite programs/clients of our New York Brand Ambassadors include Maker Faire, Reebok, and NY Times. The following details a few other recent programs in New York. 

New York Brand Ambassadors

new york brand ambassadors

Frank Body- Frank Body is a boutique skin care brand made with coffee beans. With fun branding and great products, many brand ambassadors were thrilled at the opportunity to work with them. First, the New York Brand Ambassadors boarded a truck decked out in Frank Body branding. Second, they drove around the city, handing out free product samples to everyone they encountered. Lastly, they rewarded everyone who talked to them with some delicious ice cream treats. As a result, New Yorkers got to know the brand, try the products, and enjoy some ice cream!

new york brand ambassadors

Verizon Media- Verizon Media is the media subdivision of the mobile giant, Verizon Wireless. When they needed representation at Advertising Week 2019, they enlisted the services of Kinetic Events. Through our efforts, Verizon Media was able to successfully launch new softwares and increase market awareness of their brands. Read more about our Verizon Media program here.

new york brand ambassadors

Obrigado- Obrigado is one of the giants in the ever-growing coconut water industry. As a brand supporting active lifestyles, Obrigado needed a specific kind of Brand Ambassador. First, they needed to be outgoing. Second, they needed to be passionate about healthy and active lifestyles. Lastly, they needed to LOVE coconut water! The New York Brand Ambassadors of Kinetic Events provided a team that fit all of these requirements. As a result, the Kinetic Events team helped grow the Obrigado brand by distributing samples and sharing the brand message. With the initial success of the team, Obrigado continues to use Kinetic Events as their staffing vendor to this day. 

Our team is looking forward to many more events like these in New York! Visit the links below if you'd like to hear about other New York events. 

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Written by Brady Trudeau

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