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Multi City Conference Staffing in Washington DC & San Francisco

The Microsoft Ignite tour takes place each year in dozens of cities worldwide. Thousands attend each event, so a first-rate staff team is essential. Kinetic Events has been the supplier of staffing at conferences for Microsoft at dozens of their events. This includes five Microsoft Ignite conferences in the United States. We continue to support the brand to this day with the industry's best conference staffing and event staff

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Microsoft Program Goals

  • First, create a welcome environment for vendors and attendees
  • Second, employ a smooth registration process
  • Third, maintain a clear layout of the conference. Directional guides placed around the convention center with maps and information.
  • Deliver an efficient scanning process for sessions and keynote presentations
  • Represent vendors at the highest level
  • Finally, position highly knowledgeable info booth personnel throughout the convention center


  • Five events
  • Three to five days per event

Microsoft Conference Staffing, Program Elements

  • Dedicated Project Manager used to hire and position staff according to their strengths.
  • Organize and implement training for staff.
  • Facilitate registration for attendees and vendors.
  • Arrange and organize sessions according to attendance.
  • Escort session speakers to and from their sessions.
  • Represent vendors at their booths on the trade show floor.
  • Scan badges for attendees entering sessions and keynote presentations.
  • Direct lost attendees to sessions, meal areas, restrooms, etc.


  • 90+ event staff per conference.
  • 15+ brand ambassadors per conference.
  • 10+ supervisors per conference.
  •  12+ bilingual staff per conference.
  • Brand ambassadors and event staff should be tech savvy, outgoing, and personable.

Conference Staffing Program Results for Microsoft IGNITE

  • 100% staff attendance at each conference
  • Quick and efficient registration
  • Accurate and efficient session scanning
  • Smooth flow of traffic from session to session
  • Successful brand representation for vendors at each conference

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