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Festival Staffing Case Study - Maker Faire Events

Since 2013, Kinetic Events has been the sole Event Staff vendor of Flagship Maker Faire events. Each Maker Faire event (taking place annually in the Bay Area and NY) is attended by over 100,000 people. As the staffing vendor, the KE Event Staff team is tasked with selling and scanning attendee badges at each point of entry. If you've visited Maker Faire over the last 7 years, the polished professionals assisting with your event entry were Kinetic Events employees. We continue to support Maker Faire to this day with our Event Staff and event planning support. 

Maker Faire
Maker Faire Event Staff
Maker Faire Event Staff

Event Staff at Maker Faire Program Goals

  • First, plan entry processing for maximum efficiency.
  • Second, organize gates to accommodate expected attendee numbers at each respective gate.
  • Third, designate parking locations to accommodate expected attendee numbers.
  • Last, employ a smooth and efficient box office strategy.


  • 2 events per year (NYC and SF) for 7 consecutive years.
  • 3-5 days per event.

Program Elements

  • Extensive pre-event planning with the client.
  • Determine staff numbers needed at each entry point.
  • Create and implement system for box office to handle millions in daily ticket sales.
  • Design pre-event scanning system for fast entry to attendees in line.
  • Designate event parking locations based on forecasted attendance.
  • Facilitate training for staff.
  • Box office management with cash handling.
  • Entry and line management.
  • Post-event reporting, including new box office and entry systems to implement the following year.


  • 25+ entry scanners per event.
  • 20+ cashiers per event.
  • 4+ box office managers per event.
  • 4+ gate managers per event.
  • Staff are to be tech savvy and certified to handle cash.
  • Box office managers are to have box office accounting experience.

Event Staff at Maker Faire Program Results

  • Quick and easy entry to each event.
  • Roughly 10,000 attendees pre-scanned for entry prior to doors opening.
  • Millions of dollars in ticket sales each day of each event.
  • Smooth and efficient box office process.
  • Accurate and beneficial planning for the following year.

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