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Are you interested in working as a Las Vegas Brand Ambassador? At Kinetic Events Staffing we frequently work with exciting partners who host some of the largest events in the country. We strive to create positive experiences with our team, clients, and attendees. Our brand ambassadors are friendly, reliable, and customer focused. If you would like to build your experience by joining our team, keep reading to find out more about our opportunities in the Las Vegas market.

Getting Work As A Las Vegas Brand Ambassador, Quick Tips

With numerous incredible opportunities in the Las Vegas area we seek exceptional staff to join our team! Our team here at Kinetic is professional, reliable, and has excellent customer service. We love when employees bring their unique strengths to the table in order to help us execute successful events. When joining our team you should consider the following. 

Give Yourself Time

Every program includes in office support of a project manager, ensuring smooth planning and set up. We count on our team members to help us in creating the best possible experience for our clients. Punctuality is a keystone in having a successful event. We provide multiple shift reminders and a detailed overview of what to expect when you arrive onsite. 

Know What You're Getting Into

Before your shift our project managers provide a detailed overview of what you can expect when you arrive on site. We like to set our team up for success by providing responsibilities when you arrive on site, break schedules, maps that help guide you onsite and more. We give our team the opportunity to communicate and ask questions at any time to our dedicated project managers.

Consider Parking & Transportation Costs

We appreciate having our team onsite and the effort they make to get there! Kinetic Events provides the opportunity to reimburse parking fees in order to make your experience onsite positive.

Have A Flexible Schedule

With so many incredible opportunities we seek team members that have flexible schedules and are looking forward to picking up numerous opportunities!

Las Vegas Brand Ambassador Staff


Honor Your Commitments

At Kinetic Events our staff are professional, reliable and punctual. We strive to create positive client and employee relationships. Our project managers take care and consideration in scheduling and we expect our team to do the same! Honoring your commitments here at Kinetic Events Staffing leads to successful events!

Be Friendly And Open To Learning

At Kinetic Events Staffing we give our team members numerous opportunities to learn and grow! With team lead onsite training and event prep created by project managers we set our team up with all the information they need to have a successful shift! We excel when delivering great customer service and approach each opportunity with a positive outlook. You will grow with each opportunity you take with Kinetic Events Staffing.

Working for Kinetic Events, Las Vegas Brand Ambassador

About Us

We are a nationwide staffing agency with high profile clients around the country. We place staff for short term and long term programs and offer job opportunities with hundreds of clients around the country. Once you are hired by us, you do not need to apply for other job opportunities in our network. We are a W-2 staffing agency. We pay every week via direct deposit.

Kinetic Events Staffing & Las Vegas

As a Las Vegas brand ambassador our staff are friendly, tech savvy adults with a mind for problem solving. We are a W-2 staffing agency with trained local teams in fifteen US cities. Being a part of the Kinetic Events Staffing team means joining a team that delivers and keeps customers coming back again and again. We pride ourselves on providing great service and having exceptional brand ambassadors.

Apply With Us

If you would like to be considered as a Las Vegas brand ambassador, start by taking a look at our Apply With Us page. If you don't see a position that matches your qualifications or location where you would like to work, please apply on our General Application Page. If a current gig has a last minute vacancy or if a new position opens up, we will have your information and will notify you through the general application page.

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