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Attendees of festivals, conferences, and trade shows often find themselves in Chicago. In fact, Cvent listed Chicago in the top 5 meeting destinations in the US. For over 14 years, Kinetic Events has been working with local Chicago brand ambassadors to execute creative campaigns. Our employees love working with us, and that leads to successful programs with results. Below, we dive into some of our favorite Chicago brand ambassador programs, such as ServiceNow at McCormick Place, the J Crew launch program, and the McDonalds Chinatown Fair.

Chicago Brand Ambassadors

Chicago Brand Ambassadors

ServiceNow Knowledge 2019- Every year, ServiceNow hosts a conference to showcase their innovations in the productivity software space. Thousands of tech industry attendees from all over travel in to check out new products and listen to industry leaders discuss. Last year, our Chicago brand ambassadors assisted with a variety of duties, such as registration and wayfinding. With the help of our talented employees, ServiceNow Knowledge 2019 ran smoothly and hit their goals!

Chicago Brand Ambassadors

J Crew- In 2019, J Crew launched the “National Stripes Day” campaign. Their goal was to enhance their sales of striped patterns by providing a one-day discount for shoppers. To help bring people in, our brand ambassadors were stationed by a branded mini coopers outside of their Southport Corridor location. Our team passed out flyers, discussed the deal, and enticed passersby to check out the store’s inventory. The participating stores hit their goals during the program and are planning to do it again this year.

Chicago Brand Ambassadors

McDonalds Chinatown Fair- The Chicago Chinatown Summer Fair is a yearly street festival celebrating Chinese culture and its connection to the city. Looking to connect one-on-one with the community, McDonalds partnered with Dr Pepper to set up a booth at the festival. Our Chicago brand ambassadors passed out free samples and swag while talking about what’s new with the brands. We also ran a giveaway and staffed a bilingual brand ambassador to help bridge any language barriers with the community. McDonalds was very happy with the results and are looking forward to another Chinatown Summer Fair activation in 2021!

Our team is looking forward to many more events like these in Chicago! Visit the links below if you’d like to hear about other Chicago events. 

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