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On Premise Sampling Case Study, Nationwide Program Launch

Kinetic Events has been a long time supplier of spirit sampling for the Tequila Avion brand. Shortly after winning the 2012 San Francisco Spirits competition for best tequila, the brand launched in California. Since then, we have delivered over five hundred spirit sampling promos. Our company continues to support the brand to this day. We provide promotional models, brand ambassadors, and marketing support. 

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Sampling Staff Members
Sampling Staff Members

Tequila Avion Program Goals

  • Raise brand awareness.
  • Distribute samples of the product to bar patrons.
  • Educate consumers and hospitality professionals on Tequila Avion.


  • Ongoing program beginning in 2012

Spirit sampling program elements

  • Coordinate logistics and facilitate training for staff
  • Manage bar spends for on-premise sampling events
  • Hire third party vendors for step and repeats. Set up point of sale branding. Create photography and videography at sponsored events.
  • Educate industry professionals.
  • Interact with consumers and sample product.
  • Create custom cocktail menus for sponsored events.


  • 500+ in-store demos and events
  • 1-4 brand ambassadors per event
  • Spirit sampling events include promotional models interacting with consumers. Bartenders create custom drinks. Photographers capture photos at consumer events
  • Promotional models are outgoing, personable, and thoroughly educated on Tequila Avion. Each staff member is guided through our in-office brand training. 

Tequila Avion Program Results

  • Greater market awareness for the newly launched Tequila Avion brand.
  • Increased sales throughout California in on-premise and off-premise accounts.
  • Increased knowledge of the brand for hospitality staff. This led to increased sales in each account.

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